Protect Your Business With the Right Insurance

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The right insurance can do more than protect your business from damage or injury. The right insurance can protect you and your business from both the big and small everyday risks that all businesses face. Protect your business by starting with understanding what you’re exposed to.

Think about it this way: what could happen in a single day that would cost thousands of dollars, or possibly more. For example, the wrong insurance coverage could expose you to a lawsuit for injuries caused by employees who were driving your company vehicle, or it could jeopardize your business operations if there were a fire at your place of business. By protecting yourself with commercial insurance policies from an independent insurance broker, you can protect against lawsuits and expenses from accidents involving you, your home, your belongings, and your business.

Protect your business to keep your operations running smoothly.

Protect and Grow Your Personal Assets Should You Be a Victim of a Crime

Protect your business from unforeseen loss due to theft, natural disasters, or other damage, including physical damage, computer viruses, and hardware failures.

Liability Insurance: Any business can experience litigation problems if it is responsible for damages caused by its employees — no matter the issue.

Work with a broker who has access to all the best carriers for the right insurance.

The right business insurance can be quite an investment, which is why it’s so important to work with a competent, independent insurance broker. An independent broker has access to all of the best carriers for the right policy at the right price.

A good broker will also answer questions such as: how much coverage do I need? It will depend on your needs, which is where an agent at Prince Insurance can help. They’ll ask lots of questions and tailor their recommendations to your situation.

Ideal Coverage

But you don’t just want insurance; you want great coverage that will protect you if disaster strikes. The good news is there are more business owner policies available today than ever before. This means you can select the precise coverage needed for your unique company or small business.

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Why Renters Need Their Own Insurance Policy

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When you’re renting a home, you have to cover all bases, including your personal belongings and damages following a fire or other disaster. Also called tenant insurancerenters insurance affords you protection against theft and loss.

This type of insurance prevents you from having to rely on your landlord to bail you out when something goes awry. Here are the reasons you should consider getting renters insurance before something happens to your residence. 

Landlord Policies May Not Cover You 

Depending on the event, your landlord’s insurance policy won’t protect you, especially if someone is injured in your home. 

Worse than that, your landlord’s insurance provider can file a lawsuit against you if you’re deemed liable for any building damages. This could lead to you forking out repair costs or costs for rebuilding the property. A renters insurance policy prevents you from those potential headaches and ensures you get proper coverage against a wide range of risks. 

What Does Renters Insurance Pay For?

Renters or tenant insurance covers the costs of replacing your belongings whenever they’ve been stolen, destroyed in a fire, or vandalized by unscrupulous people. 

Furthermore, a good renters insurance policy covers the cost of temporary residence in the event of any damage that renders your property inhabitable. 

The Actual Cash Value (ACV)

Renters insurance factors in the actual cash value (ACV) of your belongings. ACV replaces items at the value they were worth when they were damaged or destroyed. Depreciation factors into the actual cash value when payments are being calculated. 

The policy can also include replacement costs. This cost replaces stolen, damaged, or destroyed items with new, similar items. However, the catch with replacement cost is that the premiums for it are higher than premiums for ACV policies.

Have a look at the details of our renters insurance and, if you like what you see, get a free quote right away.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Did you know that you can get insurance on your favorite recreational vehicles (RVs)? If you have a motorized RV like a motorhome or a camper van, or towable RVs such as a trailer or camper, you can secure them today by getting recreational vehicle insurance.

Whether you’re on a summer off-road excursion or trying to move through the leftovers of a storm on your snowmobile, you want to know that you’re fully insured in case of any mishap. 

Protect Your RV and Capitalize on Reopening

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

As most places reopen thanks to vaccinations, you can make up for lost time by taking your RV for a spin and enjoy the outdoors again, safely, of course. 

If you’ve been cooped up in your home throughout the pandemic and left yearning for some fresh air and adventure, you should make use of your RV. And, if you haven’t bought one, you can invest in an ATV or take the boat for a ride by your favorite beach to take advantage of the lovely summer weather. 

Once you’ve bought your RV, you should talk to your insurance agent about getting the right recreation vehicle insurance for it. By securing your RV, you’ll enjoy more comfort as you’re having socially distanced fun with your loved ones. 

What Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Provide? 

When you talk to your insurance agent, ensure you’re getting recreational vehicle insurance that covers all bases. The insurance policy for your RV should include comprehensive and collision coverage in case of an accident. It should also include personal injury protection in case you suffer serious physical damage as well as towing costs. 

Type of recreational vehicle insurance you can get include: 

  • Boat  
  • Motorcycle  
  • Motorhome  
  • ATV  
  • Snowmobile  

Prince Insurance allows you to treat your RV like royalty, so you can enjoy every road or boat trip that much more. Check out our recreational vehicle insurance policy options and get a free quote now.

When to Update a Home Insurance Policy

As exciting as securing ownership of a home is, securing your space with a quality home insurance policy gives you the relief that allows you to maximize your home experience. Home insurance policies are very useful tools that give you optimal coverage at the right cost. 

However, things happen, and certain situations necessitate a change in your policy to accommodate new developments in your life. When is it time to update a home insurance policy? Here are scenarios that should push you to contact your insurance provider. 

Pandemic Remodeling

If you’ve made some important renovations to your home during the global health crisis, you should talk to your insurance agent about updating your policy. 

Renovations add value to a home, and your policy should cover its value now that it’s worth more money instead of what it was worth when you just bought it. Certain renovations, like getting a new roof, can lower the value of your insurance policy. It’s an opportunity to get some additional homeowner benefits. 

When You Retire 

Once you’ve called it a day and worked your last paycheck, it’s time to update a home insurance policy. When you’re retired, you spend more time at home and also have more opportunities to maintain your home.

Some insurance companies offer cheaper insurance rates to retired people and senior citizens. When you’re at home regularly, you’re likelier to spot potential damages and less susceptible to burglary. Because of this, insurance companies may deem you more trustworthy and offer discounts. 

New Security System 

Adding a security system makes your home easier to insure and saves you money on insurance premiums each year.

Acquiring/Getting Rid of Expensive Items

Each time you buy expensive items like art, collectibles, and other pricey valuables, you should find out if your insurance policy covers those items. If not, you should update your policy to include them.

Also, if you’ve acquired or gotten rid of family heirlooms, you could get a break on your insurance. 

Prince Insurance gives homeowners the royal treatment when it comes to their policies. Check out our home insurance policy options and get a free quote now.

Looking for the Value in Your Insurance Policy

If you have taken out an insurance policy, you are most likely interested in getting value for money. It is important that you do not think of your insurance policy as a one-time expense but rather as a long-term commitment to maintaining yourself and your family’s financial well-being. Much like the car you drive, even if you keep the same car for many years, you still pay maintenance costs and repairs along the way. You should be doing the same when choosing insurance.

Choosing Insurance

Unfortunately, many people looking for insurance simply rely on the price of the policy when choosing a provider. This is a mistake that can end up costing you a lot of money. Price is important, but it should not be the only consideration when choosing an insurance policy.

Your insurance policy doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive to receive coverage suitable to your lifestyle.

Assess Your Lifestyle

Choosing an insurance policy and an insurance broker is a serious decision and not one you should make lightly. There are many factors to consider when looking for the right insurance policy, and you will likely want to take your time to ensure you are making the best decision possible. The first thing to consider is how often you’ll use your policy and what kind of activities you’ll be engaging in. Do you have young kids? Are you planning to travel overseas soon? Do you do a lot of skiing? Do you bike or drive often? How do these activities factor into your insurance needs?

An insurance broker can create a full portfolio to cover everything, personal and professional. The Prince Insurance group has access to multiple carriers to find the best insurance for every aspect of your life. We work for you, not the insurance company.

Contact an agent at Price Insurance for help choosing insurance and to receive a quote.

Why You Should Never Buy Insurance On Price Alone

We all want to save money, especially when it comes to paying for insurance. Every car owner knows that they need it to drive legally. And when it comes to your home, you always hope the day will never come when you need it. The temptation is to use price as the only factor to determine which insurance broker to chose. And yet, as we’ve seen, it’s not the best way to go. This is why finding the best insurance shouldn’t be decided based on price alone.

Finding the Best Insurance

You can’t know what you don’t know. This adage, which holds true in many aspects of our lives, is especially true when it comes to insurance. When it’s time to find the best insurance for you, it pays to educate yourself on the different types of policies and insurance companies out there. The more you know, the more likely you are to find a policy that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Discussing your options with an insurance broker is the best way to make sure you’re getting the right coverage.

Potential Consequences of Getting the Wrong Insurance

If you are looking for cheap insurance, be careful. If an insurance company is very inexpensive, it might not be able to provide you with the same level of service as a more reputable company. Cheap insurance can also be a sign of a company that is not financially stable. If you choose a plan with major omissions and drawbacks, you could face serious financial consequences. For example, in the event you are at fault in an auto accident, if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost, you may be sued for the remainder. You should always do your research before getting cheap insurance. Insurance should be a safety net, not a risk.

Make sure you’re finding the best insurance for your needs. Contact an insurance broker at Prince Insurance today for a quote.