Comprehensive New Construction Insurance for Contractors

A construction project filled with half built red platforms.

The typical contractor will be protected by a general liability/errors and omissions (E&O) policy and a workers compensation policy. Both of these policies provide coverage for claims that result from accidents and injuries of employees or contractors.  However, these policies typically do not provide coverage for the contractor’s operations. For example, what if a worker falls off of scaffolding that was built incorrectly? Will the workers compensation or general liability policy cover any losses associated with this accident? In many cases, neither will because these types of incidents are considered to be errors and omissions on behalf of the contractor.

Construction companies have a unique set of risks, which is why builders risk insurance is the best type of coverage for construction companies.

What are the unique threats that a new construction site has that need insurance?

To mitigate these risks, contractors should look into purchasing new construction insurance.

This type of policy is designed to fill in the gaps that a traditional workers’ compensation or general liability policy will not cover. New construction policies are usually written as all-risk policies and cover losses resulting from basic errors and omissions, such as those mentioned above.

Work With a Broker

How do you ensure that you have comprehensive new construction insurance? The answer is to work with a broker who understands the industry. Brokers work with multiple insurance companies and can layer coverage to ensure that contractors are adequately covered. Remember, not every policy is the same, and not everyone will be able to offer access to the best new construction rates.

They also should consider purchasing a blanket bond if their business has more than one location or subcontractors. Speak to your local insurance agent to better understand your options.

For contractors, the challenge is to accurately determine what their exposures are and then purchase insurance that addresses those exposures, but minimizes unnecessary costs. Insurance can be complex and confusing, but an agent who works directly with multiple carriers and understands how risks fit together can help contractors find the best coverage for their needs. The added benefit of working with a broker means you can avoid paying the markup on your insurance, and you have someone to call when you need help.

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How to Find the Best Insurance for All Your Needs

Business Insurance

The fact is that insurance companies have a lot of different policies to offer, and the options can be overwhelming. When you’re searching for insurance, it’s a good idea to think about who you are and the things you need insurance for. If you don’t need healthcare insurance and you don’t want to buy a property insurance policy, you can still find a great rate on a car insurance policy. No matter what kind of insurance you need or what your financial needs are, you can find the best insurance policy at a great rate by shopping around.

The first place you should look for insurance is with the company that already provides your other financial needs. For example, if you bank with a certain company and pay your car loan at the same company, it’s likely those companies can find you a great rate on an auto insurance policy. If one of those companies doesn’t offer a good rate or good service, it’s better to keep looking for a team to work with.

Made a recent big purchase? Don’t forget to insure it.

Finding the Best Insurance

Working with an independent agent takes away the guesswork. Independent agents work for you, so you can trust that they find the insurance that is right for you and all your needs, personal and business.

When buying a new insurance policy, there are many factors to consider; you want the best coverage at the best price, your price may vary depending on your age, the amount of coverage you desire, and whether or not you want to purchase term or whole life. If you’re looking to find the best insurance for all your needs, Prince Insurance’s highly-trained agents have the experience and expertise to help you find the best solution for you.

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Protect Your Business With the Right Insurance

Independent Insurance Broker

The right insurance can do more than protect your business from damage or injury. The right insurance can protect you and your business from both the big and small everyday risks that all businesses face. Protect your business by starting with understanding what you’re exposed to.

Think about it this way: what could happen in a single day that would cost thousands of dollars, or possibly more. For example, the wrong insurance coverage could expose you to a lawsuit for injuries caused by employees who were driving your company vehicle, or it could jeopardize your business operations if there were a fire at your place of business. By protecting yourself with commercial insurance policies from an independent insurance broker, you can protect against lawsuits and expenses from accidents involving you, your home, your belongings, and your business.

Protect your business to keep your operations running smoothly.

Protect and Grow Your Personal Assets Should You Be a Victim of a Crime

Protect your business from unforeseen loss due to theft, natural disasters, or other damage, including physical damage, computer viruses, and hardware failures.

Liability Insurance: Any business can experience litigation problems if it is responsible for damages caused by its employees — no matter the issue.

Work with a broker who has access to all the best carriers for the right insurance.

The right business insurance can be quite an investment, which is why it’s so important to work with a competent, independent insurance broker. An independent broker has access to all of the best carriers for the right policy at the right price.

A good broker will also answer questions such as: how much coverage do I need? It will depend on your needs, which is where an agent at Prince Insurance can help. They’ll ask lots of questions and tailor their recommendations to your situation.

Ideal Coverage

But you don’t just want insurance; you want great coverage that will protect you if disaster strikes. The good news is there are more business owner policies available today than ever before. This means you can select the precise coverage needed for your unique company or small business.

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Understanding Comprehensive Insurance

You’ve probably had the same policy coverage for years. You may have home, auto, and life insurance because your parents or your first employers encouraged you to sign up. But life changes. You may now have a new business, children, and new property that need protection. Comprehensive insurance is a smart strategy to protect what’s most important to you. Most policies don’t cover the small things—but the small things are often the most important. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Comprehensive Insurance

There are some situations that you might not be personally covered under. For instance, if you get very sick and have to pay high healthcare bills, would they be able to seize your personal possessions? If you’re working from home and someone steals your identity, do you have coverage for online fraud? Comprehensive insurance can help cover you in all the in-between situations that normal policies won’t cover. After all, we’re living in unprecedented times. Risks are high, and it’s up to you to assemble a suite of insurance coverage that works for your specific life. Don’t accept generic policies. Look for comprehensive insurance that is customized for you as an individual.

a person wearing a smart watch driving on a rainy road
Protect yourself anywhere and everywhere with comprehensive insurance.

Do I Need Comprehensive Insurance?

You might need additional types of coverage if you have exciting hobbies or if you’re particularly vulnerable to risk. For instance, you might get recreational vehicle coverage or jewelry protection. Your farm might need structural protection or crop insurance. A Prince Insurance broker can help you review your existing coverage to find the places where you might be missing protection. Plus, you could discover that bundling actually gives you more coverage at a better price.

Comprehensive insurance can help you live boldly and sleep peacefully, knowing that you have the protection you need. Ready to get a quote? The Prince Insurance team is friendly and ready to help.