Protect Your Farm Structures Before Winter Strikes

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Without farmers, this country would not be what it is today. Farms play a vital role in society, providing food for communities and looking after the quality of the land. But hard work is not enough to protect your farm from the perils that can occur come wintertime. If you’re ready to protect your farm structure before winter strikes, here’s what you need to know. From hailstorms and floods, to broken equipment and losing animals, your farm needs comprehensive coverage.

Farm Insurance and Best Alternatives

There are several types of farmers’ insurance. Some policies offer coverage for your personal dwelling and your machinery. Others over protection for employees and even crop failure. But the most important thing on a farmer’s mind in the wintertime is the farm structure itself. If buildings go down in cold weather, you could lose your stock and your most important assets. It’s incredibly difficult to raise a new barn in the snow, for instance, even if you did have farm structures insurance. These are alternative options for coverage. Make sure you select a policy that protects what you need to be protected.

Farm insurance
Protect your farm with coverage for all your assets, including structures.

Coverage for Farm Structures

If you want to protect your personal farm dwelling as well as working structures on your property, then you’ll need farm structures insurance. You can cover your personal home (and everything inside it) along with the barns and buildings that house your equipment, stock, and animals. Once you’ve taken care of this essential coverage, then you can get liability coverage and employee protection, too.

Looking for an agent? The Prince Insurance team can help you review your options and select a farm structures insurance policy that meets your needs. We understand farmers and the risks you face in your business. Reach out for a quote, and we’ll get you started with a comprehensive policy that protects what is most important to you.

Farm Livestock Popular Plans

livestock insurance

Your farm shouldn’t keep you up all night in fear of losing your investments. We need farmers more than ever right now, and you deserve coverage to protect your farm. Many people remember to cover their machinery and property but forget to insure their livestock. But what would your farm be without your livestock? Animals are investments, and they contribute to the success of your business. Without your livestock, your family could suffer financial losses. That’s why many farmers choose to get farm livestock insurance.

You and your family can rest easy knowing that your livestock are covered by insurance.

Best coverage for livestock

When it comes to protecting your animals, you’ve got some great options. This type of insurance is all about protecting your investment in livestock. If they are injured or killed in an accident, you’ll be covered. This could include fire, hurricane, or other types of natural disasters. Farm livestock insurance can even cover your animals while they’re in transit. Cover yourself and your investments from all angles to ensure your farm is protected.

Avoid risks with these tips

It’s critical to avoid risk by ensuring the right assets at the right amounts. The insurance value of your livestock is usually the price you paid for them, but this amount can increase if your animal performs incredibly well or has highly valuable offspring. You wouldn’t insure a dollhouse for the same amount as a mansion, would you? Make sure you avoid risking any losses or liability related to your farm by getting farm livestock insurance. You should rest easy knowing that you’re protected from loss both on your farm and while your assets are in transit. 

To discuss the right coverage for your farm, contact us for more information. We’d be happy to customize a package that fits the size and assets of your farm. You deserve to be protected, and we’d love to help.