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Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance

Product Overview

When you work in the construction industry you are working on the areas where your clients’ lives will unfold, whether that is a home, an office, or other structures. Your clients are counting on you to create a space that is safe, operational and will serve them for the foreseeable future.

Just like any other business, your construction business needs insurance to go along with industry-specific coverage. Expensive equipment and tools, and possible injury should be considered when thinking about what type of coverage may be necessary in the construction industry.

A Multitude of Insurance Options to fit your Business’s Needs

We understand that there are many different types of contractors. From general contractors to specialty trade contractors, and maintenance contractors, there are various risks that come along with running a contracting business. Protect your business and your employees with specialized coverage that caters to your industry.

At Prince Insurance Group, we provide a number of insurance options for contractors:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Retirement plans
  • Group benefits
  • Liability coverage
  • Property insurance
  • Umbrella coverage
  • Other specialized coverage for tools and equipment will keep your business covered
  • Property damage coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Lost key coverage for janitors
  • General liability


Prince Insurance Group helps find the right insurance for you and your needs.


Our team works with you to find the most affordable options for your situation.

Flexible Options

Our products are flexible and we work to find insurance specific to your needs

Unbeatable Service

We are just a phone call away throughout our entire relationship.

Common questions about Construction Insurance

Get quick answers to some of the most asked questions about construction insurance. If you have additional questions, please contact us.  

Contractor insurance: what is it?

Contractor insurance can be described as a commercial umbrella term covering all sorts of insurance policies, which protect contractors against unforeseeable worksite damages (bodily injury, property damage, liability, etc.). Business risks common for one sector (construction) might be rare for another (hospital), for instance.
Here are the most common policies for contractor insurance:

  • General liability.
  • Inland Marine.
  • Builder’s risk.
  • Worker’s Compensation.

Each policy needs to be customized for the sake of offering coverage that businesses require most, the most crucial one being general liability insurance. It will provide coverage for negligence lawsuits because of damages to someone’s property, or injuries that an individual sustains. It also covers legal defense costs.

Why do some insurance companies interchangeably use general liability insurance and contractor insurance?

This isn’t intended to cause confusion. Quite the opposite, it was intended to simplify things. More often than not, construction businesses shopping around for insurance are not knowledgeable about the type of coverage to get. They may lack time to evaluate each policy available to them. Contractors liability insurance is straight and to the point. It is developed to help construction companies, plain and simple.

Why would someone purchase a contractor policy, as opposed to an individual policy?

Ultimately, you will need to pick a company that can give you enough insurance to cover your company’s needs. You don’t need too much, but you need enough. Rates are relevant to this particular issue. Why does coverage need to be paid if you do not move? Why would anybody pay costly rates if the insurance they need can be obtained at a much better rate? In short, purchasing policies together will be much cheaper than purchasing them individually.

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