Should Homes Outside the Flood Zone Get Flood Insurance?

We often hear the question from homeowners living outside the flood zone: “Should I get flood insurance?”  To be safe, the answer is yes: even though you are not required to buy flood insurance, it is a good idea to do so. There are a few reasons why you might want to go ahead and purchase flood insurance in addition to your homeowner insurance.

Flooding is More Common Than You Think

Floods are the most common natural disaster, and the consequences can be expensive. Flood claims still occur outside of major flood zones, making flood insurance a smart choice to add to your home insurance plan. Floods can happen in a matter of minutes, destroying homes and taking lives. Floods cause billions of dollars in damages each year, and unlike other natural disasters like hurricanes, the flooding waters don’t just go away. They recede, leaving behind a big mess that can cost thousands of dollars to clean up. That’s why it’s important to buy flood insurance, even if you don’t live in a flood zone.

Protect yourself financially with flood insurance.

A Separate Policy

Flood insurance is a policy on top of your regular home insurance plan. Flood insurance covers any structural damage to your home and personal belongings. It’s possible to tailor the policy to your needs. Discussing your needs with an agent will ensure that you receive sufficient coverage for your home.

Want to know your home’s risk of flooding? Do you have questions about flood insurance? Contact your Prince Insurance agent. We are here to help you get the flood insurance you need at an affordable rate. We can review your current policies and let you know if additional coverage is necessary. Contact us today for a quote and we can help you get started.

When to Get Flood Insurance

If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, flood insurance isn’t an option, it’s a must. It’s also important to consult an updated map to see exactly where the flood zones are. Weather patterns are changing and you might discover that your home is at greater risk now than it was ten years ago. People with basements or other below-ground rooms should definitely explore flood insurance options. Remember, it’s better to get insurance now before you’re wading through water and wishing you had checked that item off your list.

Flood-Prone Areas

Low-lying areas are at particular risk for natural flooding. This can happen when the water table rises due to rain. It puts your building at risk for a few months out of the year, when water levels are higher than normal. Many states across the country experience flooding every year, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of damage to property. However, it’s also possible that a freak storm or other incident inside your home will cause flooding. A forgetful person may leave the faucet on, or a water heater could burst. Flood insurance covers you in the event of flooding, so that you have the financial support you need to rebuild.

Floods can be scary. Get the protection you deserve with flood insurance.

Popular Options for Flood Insurance

You have some options for coverage. Generally speaking, your flood insurance will cover your dwelling and losses incurred by water damage due to flooding. You can get flood insurance for commercial and residential properties alike. It’s important to note that general home liability coverage may not include flood protection. There are lots of additional types of coverage you can get to protect your home from top to bottom. If you’re in a zone that’s susceptible to flooding, you’ll need to add flood insurance to your policy to be 100% protected.

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