Three Biggest Insurance Risk for Cannabis Growers and Retail Owners

Importance of hemp insurance for protecting crops and investments - Safeguarding harvests with specialized hemp insurance coverage

To run a hemp/marijuana business, you need to understand the risks you face operating in a highly regulated industry. These risks include not only those that are inherent in your business, like theft and natural disaster, but also those that are imposed upon you by the government. If you are operating without registration or proper licensing, for example, you could incur hefty fines or even prison time. To minimize your risk of government action, it is important to work with an insurance broker who is knowledgeable about hemp/marijuana insurance policies.

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Hemp/marijuana insurance can help you to protect your business.

How Hemp/Marijuana Insurance Can Minimize Risk and Protect Your Business

There’s a lot of danger associated with hemp/marijuana, as the plant is often grown outdoors and is subject to theft and other damage, as well as attack by wildlife and pests. In addition, hemp/marijuana operations need to comply with a plethora of state and federal laws, and the application of pesticides and herbicides to crops can lead to legal action against the grower. The best way to ensure that you stay in compliance with all laws and regulations is to work with an insurance broker who will be able to create an insurance policy specifically for your hemp/marijuana operation.

There are three essential hemp/marijuana insurance policies designed for businesses in the cannabis industry:

  • Product Liability
  • Product Recall
  • Infestation Insurance

Product liability and product recall insurance are two sides of the same coin. If a consumer uses a hemp/marijuana product and becomes ill, they may sue the company that produced the product. Product recall insurance covers this possibility by paying for all costs associated with recalling and destroying the product.

One of the biggest concerns for insurance agencies is that marijuana cultivation facilities can become infested with pests like rodents or bugs. In response, several companies have started offering infestation insurance, which is designed to assist cultivators who have become infested with pests.

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How Edibles Can Increase Liability Risks for Marijuana Retailers

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As the cannabis industry grows, legal cannabis businesses are faced with new risks they need to be aware of. One of the newest risks to businesses in the industry is the risk of liability from edibles. Edibles have been a controversial topic in the cannabis industry since they were introduced, and although new regulations have tightened up the labeling, packaging, and testing requirements for edible manufacturers, they continue to be a growing concern for business owners and insurers alike. Even without the regulations in place at the beginning of the decade, though, they still posed a risk — and even an “above ground” issue. Indeed, edibles post a bigger liability risk than smoking marijuana, which is why businesses in the cannabis industry need appropriate hemp/marijuana insurance.

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Hemp/marijuana insurance is a new type of insurance that can protect growing startups and small businesses who sell hemp products.

Edibles Liability Risks

Edibles liability risks are higher than when smoking marijuana. When you smoke pot, it’s easy to tell when you’ve had too much. Your head spins, your speech is slurred, and you notice you’re really hungry (although you can’t really decide what you want to eat). Heavy pot smokers can even experience what’s known as “greening out”, where they feel like they’re going to throw up. Eating high doses of weed, on the other hand, can cause a different set of unexpected side effects. Even if you’re not a heavy pot smoker, there are certain groups of people who are particularly at risk when it comes to eating pot. Eating pot can put you at risk for a wide range of uncomfortable and even dangerous side effects since the THC concentration control varies with edibles.

Protecting Yourself From Edibles Liability Risks

Fortunately, the insurance industry has caught on to this new type of liability risk and has started offering hemp/marijuana insurance to protect these growing businesses.

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