We always recommend that people get their own insurance, even if a condo association offers insurance. Why? Because it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what kind of gaps in coverage the association might have. Instead of risking it, get your own policy to protect yourself and your belongings. If something goes wrong, you’ll be protected with your own policies in addition to whatever the condo offers. Here’s an explanation.

Difference Between Home and Condo Insurance

Home insurance is an umbrella term that covers the type of policy for personal dwellings. But there are major differences between single-family home policies and condo policies. With condo insurance, you’ll pay less than you would for a single-family home policy. That’s because you’re only paying to protect your portion of the building and not the entire thing. Living in a condo means that you have access to common areas. Typically, the association will have coverage for those areas (like a slip and fall near the pool). But if people get injured in your apartment, you will be liable. Condo insurance is a great way to protect yourself from these types of situations. You also need coverage for your personal possessions. If you have a storage locker outside of your unit, make sure to tell your insurance agent to include it in the coverage.

Protect your condo with condo insurance—you need coverage to complement the association’s policies.

Individual Condo Insurance vs. Condo Association Insurance

You need extra insurance for your specific unit to cover your personal belongings. The association’s coverage doesn’t include personal items. It probably only covers common areas, as mentioned, as well as protection against liability for accidents that happen on common property. If an accident happens in your condo, you could still be liable. This means personal injuries as well as damage to belongings, theft, vandalism, flood, or fire. To craft a great policy for you and your condo, you should contact your condo association to learn more about what they cover. Then, pick up the phone and speak with our team at Prince Insurance so we can help you fill in the gaps. We recommend people always have their own coverage to complement existing general coverage.

Get a quote today and enjoy peace of mind in your condo tomorrow.