Inland Marine Insurance

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The name is confusing, but the coverage is extremely important. Inland marine insurance has nothing to do with the sea. It got its name from the expansion of marine trade routes. It refers to coverage for inland business transportation routes and everything that makes it possible to move goods by land. If you run an import/export business or do any kind of storing or transporting of goods, then you need a strong inland marine insurance policy.

Coverage Plans and Plan Benefits

Inland marine insurance covers you against the two main types of threats to transported goods: collisions and cargo theft. If you use cars, trucks, or trains, then your goods are at high risk of being in a collision. If a vehicle were to crash, you could lose the goods on board. Equally risky is theft. In warehouses and along the transportation route, your items are vulnerable to being stolen. Many times, inland marine insurance is part of a larger comprehensive “Business Owners Policy”. But this specific type offers unique benefits in that it can cover high-value goods during transit, like construction materials, computers, medical and scientific equipment, or other essential business materials like a built-out trade show booth.

Protect your goods during transit in case of collision — get inland marine insurance.

Types of Businesses That Need Inland Marine Insurance

Still not sure if it’s right for you? If you transport items regularly via land that would be difficult to recover if lost, then you need this type of insurance. Even if you only transport them once or twice per year, it’s still smart to cover yourself if the loss would be incredibly damaging. You need it if transportation, import/export, or any type of shipping is involved in your business.

Protect your goods and your business with inland marine insurance. Contact us to get a quote for your specific business needs today.