For businesses within the hospitality industry, there are several types of insurance you might consider getting. In particular, if you are the owner or manager of a bar, club, or restaurant that serves liquor, you will want to consider getting assault and battery insurance. This type of restaurant and bar insurance is often overlooked.

Why You Need Special Bar and Restaurant Insurance

Although most of the time, bars, clubs, and restaurants are places where people go to relax and have fun, things can sometimes go wrong. People can become confrontational and may start to shout or become physically violent, which can lead to injuries.

In cases where a patron gets injured during a physical confrontation, the bar, club, or restaurant can be held responsible for it. This can incur large financial costs.

Restaurant and Bar Insurance

Assault and battery insurance can cover some of these costs when this happens, depending on the particular circumstances of the conflict.

This form of insurance is particularly important when the company sells alcohol. Intoxicated individuals may be more likely to become aggressive or violent in a conflict. The business may be held partially responsible for the actions of the intoxicated patron because they have technically allowed them to get drunk by selling them alcohol.

Protection Provided by Restaurant and Bar Insurance

What protection do you get from assault and battery insurance?

Protection for Bar Fights

If a fight breaks out in the bar, club, or restaurant, somebody could get physically hurt. If they make a claim for their injuries, assault and battery insurance can help to cover some of these costs.

Protection for When Somebody is Removed From the Premises

If somebody has to be physically removed from the building by a member of the management or security teams, it can lead to issues down the line.

Sexual Harassment Claims

If sexual harassment claims are made against another patron or an explorer, this insurance may cover any legal fees and compensation that needs to be paid.

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