As an independent insurance agent, you’ll be selling insurance policies from different insurance providers, meaning you’ll not be under any obligations that lock you into any provider or policy. Before becoming an independent agent, make sure you have an impressive insurance portfolio. Like in any other business, you have to protect your clients and business by having the right insurance coverage.

You Can Get Help

Insurance requirements for independent agents can be confusing, mainly because you’ll be dealing with different providers. If you aren’t sure which insurance packages you need, talk to experts like Prince Insurance.

The Essential Policies You Should Have

Insurance requirements for independent agents can be confusing.

You should have two important policies as an independent insurance agent: errors and omission insurance (E&O) and cyber insurance. E&O insurance is liability insurance that protects you against claims made against you for being negligent or for doing inadequate work. The insurance will cover both your court charges, and if you lose the case, it will also cover settlements up to the amount in your insurance contract.

Also called cyber liability insurance or cyber risk insurance, cyber insurance is an insurance cover that will protect your business against any form of digital threat or internet-based risks, such as cyber hacks or malicious data breaches. This insurance covers all risks related to your information technology activities and infrastructure.

As an insurance agent, you’ll have unlimited access to your client’s sensitive financial and personal information, making your company a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Even if you’ve employed the most qualified cyber security experts, hackers can still find their way around your security infrastructure. In case your system gets hacked, you can face many legal problems.

If you are an insurance agent and you need a comprehensive coverage for your business, or you want to learn more about insurance requirements for independent agents, contact Prince Insurance today.