As the pandemic’s at-home restrictions are lifted, many businesses, including restaurants and offices, are re-opening their doors to both customers and employees alike. Even though businesses are doing their best to comply with the government’s regulations regarding COVID-19, some are still concerned about the liability risks associated with the pandemic. Fortunately, having proper protection is possible through business insurance, including business liability insurance.

Liability Risks

Business liability insurance is essential because there are more liability risks associated with bringing employees back to work after the pandemic. The first step is getting the office ready to re-open by having the space professionally cleaned and disinfected to remove pathogens and bacteria. Businesses must exercise proper sanitary measures to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Since specific businesses have higher traffic levels, such as those in the hospitality or retail sectors, they have to be creative and safe in implementing new ways to welcome back their staff and employees.

No matter your industry, your business needs to be extra careful to make sure they are prepared to handle the ripple effects of the pandemic, such as having proper business liability insurance.

Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Be careful about deciding layoffs if staff reduction was or will be required because of the pandemic. Even if these decisions are made carefully, employees may respond with discrimination claims. Further, employees may retaliate with potential harassment claims, if they suspect that they were let go because of reasons associated with the pandemic.

Be careful not to discriminate against employees as you decide who to bring back. Don’t judge by age, race, gender, or supposed health risks. If employers are not careful about the way they make decisions, they might face discrimination or harassment claims in the future.

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