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General Liability

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General Liability Insurance ​

Product Overview

As a business owner, you could potentially be affected by any number of claims. To safeguard your business from claims such as bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury originating from your business services, operations or employees, you need commercial general liability insurance.


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Crucial Coverage for Contractors and Small Business Owners

Different sizes of business require different levels of insurance coverage. If you’re a contractor or small business owner, commercial general liability insurance will make sure your livelihood is covered from lawsuits and liability risks. It is also linked to negligent acts that are non-professional.

Let’s say a customer visiting your office falls and hurts themselves on your property. In this instance, general liability insurance will help cover resulting legal fees and medical costs relating to the accident. Commercial general liability insurance is tied to “third-party” claims (such as a claim from the customer in this scenario).

Commercial general liability insurance can be also be connected to the following forms of coverage:

  • Casualty coverage
  • Fire legal liability
  • Premises liability
  • Premises medical
  • Products and completed operations

Find the Right Protection for Your Business

Like all insurance, commercial general liability insurance can be a nuanced matter. Depending on the coverage, it can also protect against personal and advertising injury (such as libel, slander, false affect, wrongful eviction and other matters relating to your business), as well as damage to electronic data.

Make sure your liability coverage fits your level of exposure by getting a commercial general liability coverage policy through Prince Insurance Group. Reach out to an agent or request a quote now to learn more about how commercial general liability insurance can help you.


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Common questions about General Liability Insurance

Get quick answers to some of the most asked questions about general liabilty insurance. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Am I legally obligated to have general liability insurance?

You aren’t legally obligated to buy general liability insurance. With that said, a lot of people that you conduct business with may have requirements for general liability insurance written into their contracts. As such, you might require a policy before you are allowed to sign client contracts or commercial leases. General liability coverage proof will also be necessary when you apply for various licenses.

What does it cover?

Common risks are what general liability insurance mostly covers. These risks could come about from talking to people in or around your place of business. It protects the business from customer injuries and property damages – for example, a customer falling down in your store. General liability insurance also covers advertising injuries, slander, and copyright infringement. To find out what else general liability insurance will cover, give us a call.

How much will I need?

This figure will be contingent on aspects like the size and type of your company, the amount of employees you have, and the kinds of customers that you typically engage with. A lot of small businesses use a standard general liability policy, which offers between $1 million and $2 million, on average. In this case, as much as $1 million will be paid by the policy in order to cover one claim. The amount paid out will not exceed $2 million for the policy’s lifetime (which is usually one year).

Should independent contractors get it?

For the most part, the general liability insurance issued to contractors offers no protection whenever a client or customer is responsible for property damage or an injury. Clients could ask you to get this type of coverage before doing business with you. Some industries – like construction – make independent contractors get general liability insurance if they don’t already have it. Even if it isn’t necessary, independent contractors should get the coverage anyways in order to protect themselves from lawsuits of all types.

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