Alcohol is a normal part of big celebrations. But when alcohol is involved, accidents tend to happen. That’s why liquor liability insurance is important for special events. 

Whether you’re planning a business event (like a fundraiser or big function), or a personal event (like a wedding or anniversary party), you may need liquor liability insurance

What Is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Serving alcohol to guests at a special event can be risky. It’s important to consider that your guests could drink a few too many alcoholic beverages and start behaving inappropriately. 

Liquor Liability Insurance

This could potentially result in one of your guests hurting themselves or someone else, or damaging property during your event. 

You could be held financially responsible if these situations occurred at your event. If you served alcohol to the guest that caused the damage, you might end up paying the cost. 

That’s why smart event hosts who plan on serving alcohol to their guests protect themselves with liquor liability insurance

What Situations Are Covered?

  • Bodily injury: If a guest at your event drinks a little too much and hurts himself or another guest, this insurance keeps you from paying the price. 
  • Property damage: If a guest you have served alcohol damages property in the venue you’ve hired, liquor liability insurance covers the cost of repairing the damage.
  • Medical costs: Imagine if a guest of your special event ends up in hospital with alcohol poisoning. Liquor liability insurance covers you from having to pay hospital bills.
  • Legal costs: Guests could potentially sue you if an intoxicated person damages their belongings at your event. Liquor liability insurance will help you with the legal costs of lawsuits. 

Talk to an Insurance Broker About Liquor Liability Insurance for Special Events

As part of the proper planning for your special event, it’s wise to make sure you have liquor liability insurance. Prince Insurance Group will brew up the right liquor liability insurance to protect you from problems caused by alcohol at your event. Contact us today!