Personal Insurance

There is no doubt how important it is to have insurance for your properties, businesses, and even your life. It is also essential to choose an experienced company with licensed agents to assist you with any requests about the personal insurance coverage. To have insurance is helpful to cover the costs related to possible damages and liability claims. Prince Insurance Group is an agency that offers reliability, experience, service, and coverage for almost everything you can imagine. Without insurance, it might be probable that you will have to pay from your pocket for expensive damages, bills, or legal claims.

Employee Benefits

There are so many benefits that employers can use to encourage the well-being of their employees. But it is mandatory under the Affordable Care Act that employers provide the minimum personal insurance such as health and prescription insurances. Working people will be encouraged if they receive personal insurance. Prince Insurance Group offers different life insurance types with several coverage options, along with disability insurance, to protect you and your family.

Group Life Insurance for Employees

If you want a happy and productive workforce, provide your employees with special benefit packages. At Prince Insurance Group, we offer personal insurance, a solution that provides coverage for the employees and their families. Remember that life insurance is the foundation of every health package; therefore, the employees will be happier to be protected by this insurance. This personal insurance will benefit the employer because it provides advantages such as income-tax deductible premiums and a lower group rate. There are many options to fit your needs. Just ask one of our specialists at Prince Insurance Group.

Prince Insurance Agency has a group of knowledgeable professionals that will provide you with the best insurance solution. All it takes is a quick call or a few clicks, and you will be protected with the insurance you need. Prince Insurance Group offers a variety of personal insurance services.  From home, business, auto or farm insurance to life insurance, and many additional personal insurance services. The agency has the best staff, combined with 100 years of experience in the industry.