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Assault and Battery

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Assault & Battery Insurance

Product Overview

While restaurants and bars are places where people go to enjoy a good time and relax with friends, this doesn’t mean that they are danger-free. Unfortunately, from time to time, owners have to deal with bad apples that go to their establishments and exhibit bad behavior. If a situation escalates into violence and patrons are hurt, it could lead to the restaurant owner dealing with legal and financial issues. This is why having assault and battery insurance is so crucial.  This type of insurance protects you and your establishment against instances of violence. This kind of insurance is not limited to dining and entertainment establishments. If your profession puts you at risk of violent assaults, such as private investigation and personal security personnel, having the proper coverage is in your best interest.  


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Benefits of assault & battery insurance

Assault and battery focus on covering physical and verbal confrontations, making it a very specialized form of insurance. This kind of insurance covers a wide array  of incidents; these include:

  • Bar fights: This is a very common violent incident in establishments that serve alcohol. Assault and battery insurance covers any altercation that occurs in your facilities. 
  • Removal by security staff: Violent altercations are common when removing unruly patrons from your establishment, and people may get hurt. Assault and battery insurance cover you against these claims.
  • Sexual harassment: This is another unfortunate situation that occurs too frequently at bars and nightclubs. These include unsolicited kissing, fondling, and grabbing. This type of insurance protects you against these claims and can help pay legal fees and settlements. 

Owning an establishment where people go to gather, drink, and relax can lead to extra liability for your business. It’s impossible to control every patron’s behavior so you have to obtain coverage so you will be protected if one of these unfortunate situations arises. 


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Common questions about Assault and Battery Insurance

Get quick answers to some of the most asked questions about assault and battery insurance. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

How come establishments are held responsible when injuries are sustained during physical confrontations?

In some circumstances, a bar, club, or restaurant might share responsibility in the event of an incident taking place involving physical conflict of some sort – especially if injuries come about because of the confrontation

What kind of establishments should get it this type of insurance?

Assault and battery insurance is not only for dining venues. Service providers like bounty hunters or private investigators purchase this type of coverage for incidents involving physical conflict. This kind of protection is particularly important for bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Dining establishments serving alcohol (or who employ bouncers) should think about obtaining assault and battery insurance. Businesses like these serve plenty of patrons. As such, they carry a greater risk of getting sued because of an injury somebody sustains during some type of physical confrontation.

Many establishments that serve only a handful of alcoholic drinks in a laid-back atmosphere might think that they won’t require assault and battery insurance. It is worth discussing this with an insurance agent. They will be able to determine what kind of risks your business has, and if it will be vulnerable to certain incidents. In such cases, you’ll find out what your protection options are

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